“The Serpent Plume” Lyrics and Video

The Serpent Plume

It was a year of careful dreaming
It was a year beset by scorn
And as the year wore on, with all the wings withdrawn
We found ourselves awake

We never slept, we held our stations
Even still we played our parts
You are the serpent plume, and shiver certain doom
You stand alone and wait

We stood upon the fatal shore
You prayed for sleep, you wanted more
I ran from my dreams, I hid from the ghosts
I ran from the girls who hated me most

The yellow river is not Heaven
The yellow river tells no tales
You shed your city clothes for what the river knows
And now you’re soaking wet

Because we yearned to be together
Because you loved me more when torn
We spent our nights in prayer and filled the air
With vespers and our vows